Due to COVID-19 we have reduced Office Hours however we are still open for business. If you need to reach us please email us at info@accessworkservice.ca or leave us a voice message at 613-756-0723 and we will be respond ASAP

Access Work Service (AWS) is a non-profit organization that provides temporary employment to individuals experiencing barriers to employment by connecting them with a supportive employer. 

As both an advocate and service provider, we empower people with disabilities/barriers to live independently and actively at home and in the community. As an employment & temporary work service, we work with a diverse group, representing a range of compensating strengths and abilities.

Our services and programs help the following:

☺ Work Seekers (persons with barriers to employment)

☺ A Business Owner

☺ A Homeowner

AWS is here to meet your temporary work needs! 

Seeking Work? 

If you are a person with barriers to employment and eligible for our program, AWS will help you prepare for, find, and retain work in your field.   

What is a barrier to employment  

  • a circumstance or obstacle that keeps people apart or prevents communication or employability progress such as:  
  • A person with a disability,  
  • Age related barrier, having a hard time to find or keep a job, 
  • Out of work for awhile 

First, we consider your individual interests, preferences, and skills. Then we market your strengths to service customers. All workers are covered under the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). We handle the paperwork, assist with job coaching and can assist with transportation. 


To become an AWS client,  

  • you must be at least 16 years old,  
  • an Ontario resident, and be willing and legally able to work in Canada, 
  • You may qualify for help if you have a disability or barrier that is expected to last a year, or more and that makes it hard for you to find or keep a job.  
  • You do not have to receive income benefits from the Ontario Disability Support Program in order to qualify for support. 

For more information on becoming an AWS client please contact us. 

Business Owners 

You can benefit from hiring people with disabilities or barriers. A hidden employee resource, our clients are ready, willing, and able to make significant contributions to your organization. 

With supports, barriers to employment can be overcome to ensure that employees are included as a valuable resource in the workplace. 

 By aligning a person with a barrier strengths and interests to the needs of an employer, there are mutual benefits for both parties.

If you don’t require regular employees, our temporary work service provides reliable workers available for jobs and projects that meet your needs, such as: 

  • Yard Work/Gardening/Landscaping
  • Office Cleaning 
  • General Labour /Odd Jobs
  • Errands/Mail
  • Clerical Support 
  • Retail Help 
  • Painting
  • Food Service
  • Janitorial Services

 For more information on utilizing our business support services please contact us today. 


Could you use help with odd jobs for a few hours, days, or on a continuing basis? 

Our temporary work service provides dependable workers available for jobs such as: 

  • Yard Work/Gardening/Landscaping
  • Home/Office/Cottage/Car/Boat Cleaning 
  • Housecleaning
  • General Labour / Odd Jobs
  • Wood Splitting and Piling
  • Errands/Mail/Grocery Shopping
  • Painting
  • Opening and Closing Cottages

To find out how we can service your needs please contact us today. 

Benefits of Hiring 

Many employers aren’t aware of the advantages in hiring someone with a barrier: 

  • A large untapped pool of labour, that is eager and available for immediate employment 
  • Training support and other incentives are available to employers 
  • Discovery of unmet needs in employer business and aligning with a person of barrier/disability who has hidden or untapped talents within your community 
  • Inclusion: Employees that more effectively reflect all sectors of the local population 
  • Education to other staff members or management of disability related issues, and supports that are available 
  • Job Coach/Developer liaison between business and person with barrier 
  • Consistent follow-up by Job Coaches/Developers to ensure employer satisfaction or to incorporate new tasks 
  • Employers will see value person with barrier will add to business 

Anyone can become disabled during their working career. A disabled person may already have the necessary training to fill your vacant position and, not exceed their limits. Many workplace accommodations that might be required to support an employee are often low cost & may be subsidized. These same accommodations could protect your current employees from injury or fatigue.   

Benefits of Working 

Working improves: 

  • provides money to meet basic needs and support oneself and explore our interests; 
  • increases physical tolerance & basic health;  
  • grows experience, knowledge & skills; 
  • builds self-esteem & social skills; 
  • keeps us busy, challenges us and gives us the means to develop ourselves; 
  • gives us a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement; 
  • enables us to socialize, build contacts and find support; 
  • Working also increases motivation & can breakdown the stigma associated with having a disability or barrier.    

To learn more about Access Work Service, please visit our about us page.